Stealth 1165

  • The Stealth 1165 is a high-speed vertical machining center that features four Y-axis box guideways, a Meehanite cast iron base, and powerful drive motors on the X, Y and Z axes. Ideal for job shop applications, the Stealth is as efficient as it is accurate.


    Table Size 51.2" x 25.6" (1,300 mm x 650 mm)
    X-axis Travel  43.3" (1,100 mm)
    Y-axis Travel  25.6" (650 mm)
    Z-axis Travel 23.6" (600 mm)
    Maximum Table Load 2,425 lb (1,100 kg)
    Distance from Table Top to
    Spindle Face
    4.9" to 28.5" (125 mm to 725 mm)
    Spindle Drive Motor  20 HP (15 kW) for 30 min. / 15 HP (11 kW) cont.
    Spindle Output Torque Gearbox (CAT40): 282 ft-lb (380 Nm)
    Gearbox (CAT50): 282 ft-lb (380 Nm)
    Direct Drive (CAT40): 92 ft-lb (125 Nm)
    Spindle Taper CAT40, CAT50
    Spindle Speed  Gearbox (CAT40): 8,000 RPM
    Gearbox (CAT50): 6,000 RPM
    Direct Drive (CAT40): 12,000 RPM
    Rapid Feedrate (X and Y axes) 1,181 ipm (30 m/min)
    Rapid Feedrate (Z axis) 945 ipm (24 m/min)
    Maximum Cutting Feedrate 945 ipm (24 m/min)
    Tool Storage Capacity 24 Standard
    Standard Floor Space 170" x 118" x 116" (4,308 mm x 2,990 mm x 2,940 mm)



    Machines are manufactured by WELE Mechatronics, a Toyoda Strategic Alliance Company, sold and serviced by Toyoda Americas and authorized resellers.


In for the Long Haul

Hand scraping on all 56 metal-to-metal points of contact – including the ball nut mount and spindle nose – ensure accuracy for years to come.

Strength and Stability

Heavy-duty box guideways provide the ultimate rigidity and vibration dampening for hard milling. Hand scraping gives these guides long-term accuracy.

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Heavy-Duty Guideways

Four Y-axis box ways support heavy workloads while retaining rigidity during machining.

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Powerful Spindle Options

The robust, cast iron headstock is paired with a powerful spindle. These options offer high revolution accuracy, thermal stability, and maximum vibration dampening characteristics.

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Large Workspace

The Stealth’s work envelope and table load capacity allow operators to easily machine and access large and heavy workpieces.

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