Toyoda Webinar Series

Discover how you can increase production capacity with automation.

The first webinar series covered our TIPROS FMS automation system.  Starting in September, we released 5 episodes that introduced the FMS line and dove deeper into the complexities of the system. Anyone with a stake in the cell’s production benefits from reviewing this series, including:

Manufacturing engineers – understand how to process new or existing parts through a cell.
Programmers – learn our program format and tool management system.
Set up personnel – understand work offset and pallet types.
Shop managers – utilize reports to improve cycle times and optimize part scheduling.
Operators – identify alarms and work through part change over.

Series One: TIPROS FMS


TIPROS FMS Software:

September 22 at Noon CST:  Introduction to Flexible Manufacturing Systems and the different software levels of automation systems.

TIPROS Core Concepts:

October 13 at Noon CST: Learn the correct setup conventions for optimized automated production.

TIPROS Cell Controller:

November 10 at Noon CST: Detailed review and explanation of cell controller functions and reports.


December 8 at Noon CST: Understand how to take control of your rail guided vehicle or RGV to get the most out of your system.

TIPROS Finale:

February 9 at Noon CSTWrap up of FMS topics. Join us live to discuss your remaining questions.

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