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About Toyoda

For over 70 years, Toyoda has been one of the world's leaders in machine tool manufacturing. From our roots in grinding machine technology to the advanced capabilities of our ever-increasing product lineup, we've provided international markets with quality tools that perform.

JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corporation Forward-Looking Mission

Toyoda’s reliability embodies our heritage of Japanese craftsmanship, producing manufacturing solutions that our customers are proud to own. We provide value through every interaction – prioritizing long term relationships and helping our partners make money. These core values mandate the enablement and continuous development of our people. Our customer-centric culture makes Toyoda the partner of choice for solving production challenges, with an industry-best return on investment.

Toyoda Arlington Heights Facility
Confidence in cutting-edge technology

Thoughtful engineering has been the cornerstone of Toyoda machines since our beginning days in 1941 as Toyoda Machine Works. Originally manufactured for the production lines of a major Japanese automotive company, Toyoda grinding machines were built to be ruggedly tough in high-production environments.

Over the years, we've held ourselves to this level of expert craftsmanship to provide shops with the highest quality standards. In 1968, we expanded our lineup to horizontal machining centers, and later incorporated automation systems, vertical machining centers and turning lathes, TOP centers, and bridge and boring mills into JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corporation's product offerings.

We understand tight tolerances, superior speed, and peak performance. Every detail is carefully considered – from the solid cast iron bases to the operator-friendly ergonomic design – to help maximize production across metalcutting industries.

Toyoda machines are engineered for innovators, and built with the speed, strength, and capacity to get you there. From job shop applications to high-volume production, Toyoda exceeds your quality and precision expectations.

Beyond the Boundaries of Ultrahigh-Accuracy

The micro-world of values less than 1/1,000th of a millimeter requires accurate technologies with absolutely no margin for error. JTEKT pursues accuracy to the utmost limits, and has assembled a range of element technologies to develop machining centers capable of ultrahigh-precision machining at the submicron and nanometer levels. While this has enabled us to provide a high level of satisfaction and gain the trust of customers seeking ultrahigh accuracy, our quest for further technological advancement continues. In order to achieve performance that exceeds customer expectations, we will pursue our dreams through technological innovation, aiming for ever greater heights.