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30 Years and Running—Donsco Sticks with Toyoda

Dec 18, 2018

Donsco purchased their first two Toyoda FH55 horizontal milling machines in 1985 and quickly followed with three more. The first five Toyodas on the shop floor were installed within 5 years—a quick transition from manual labor to machining to keep up with customer demand. Today, Donsco is North America’s leading single-source provider of machined iron castings. As Donsco continues to secure customers requesting difficult work with tighter tolerances, they are taking the older machines offline and upgrading to the latest generation of Toyoda. Machining steel and cast iron 24 hours a day, 6 days a week requires equipment you can rely on—and after 30 years, they know that is Toyoda’s strength.

Through the years, Donsco has built a model of standardization throughout the facility—with four generations of the same Toyoda machine.

Having all Toyodas makes everything easier. From spare parts and maintenance, to training employees, it is a simplified process,” said Christopher Buck, VP of Operations. “Toyoda is rocksteady and locked into the componentry of their equipment. They have solid partnerships so we never have to retrain our operators because the new machine has a different control supplier. It is an easy transition from machine to machine.”

Total cost of ownership was key in Donsco’s decision to stick with Toyoda through the years. Reliability, energy consumption, and spare parts availability are all factors they consider in addition to initial cost.

“The investment in Toyoda is worth it. We do not have a culture here of changing out machines every few years and that is why we buy Toyoda. The initial cost is negligible when you are still using the machines 30 years later,” said Buck.

Even though Donsco’s FH55s are still running, they were looking to increase capacity and accuracy with newer technology. To tackle the new work coming in, Donsco added a new generation of Toyoda’s to deliver efficient and high-precision machining. Toyoda horizontal machining centers provide industry-leading speed, rigidity and accuracy that withstand the test of time.

Donsco had a 30% increase in throughput with the new FH550SX machines. Not only were they faster, but more accurate with less variation than the older models. With the new HMCs, Donsco has secured more turnkey, single-source jobs.

“If we can supply our customers’ castings and do their machining, that’s the whole part. Our customers see the value in moving their machining to a single source,” Buck explained.“Everybody wins.

With customers like Mack Truck, Caterpillar, Permco and Case New Holland, Donsco relies on Toyoda to establish their place in heavy duty manufacturing.

“When prospective customers tour our shop and see a lineup of 14 Toyoda’s, they understand our commitment and that we invest in our work. They sell jobs,” Buck said. “Would I recommend Toyoda machines? It depends if I want another competitor or not,” he said coyly.

About Donsco, Inc.
Donsco is North America's leading single source provider of machined iron castings and has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years.

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