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Defense and Aerospace Manufacturer Trusts Toyoda with High-Demand Projects

Jun 30, 2020

FH500J Horizontal Machining Center with Pallet Automation

Back when President Alan Burgess first started at Arch Global Precision, there were already multiple Toyoda machines on the shop floor. Unfamiliar with the brand, Burgess quickly became a believer when he learned the age of the machines. “I was amazed at how old they were. That’s why I was so impressed. How were these machines holding extremely tight tolerances and outperforming the lot?” That kind of performance was enough for Burgess to trust Toyoda with his business and turn to them when a project opportunity required a massive increase in output to machine large quantities of missiles for Honeywell.

The project would require a sizeable increase in capacity to meet customer demand. High-speed machines that could remove metal quickly and accurately would be key to their success. Arch also needed the ability to machine multiple part numbers simultaneously and a rigid spindle to withstand the project output.

Arch Global Precision is known for their machining expertise in aerospace and defense—requiring machines that are suited to working with different metals. Their specialties include aerospace avionic housings and parts for bombs and missiles—approximately 90% aluminum and 10% steel. They wanted to ensure their investment would be able to accommodate the current project scope, but be versatile enough to take on other projects in the long-term.

Over the years, they made a practice of purchasing Toyoda machines specifically for high-demand projects. “In my experience, competitor machines aren’t as rigid or heavy-duty. We knew we needed a solution, and that solution was Toyoda,” said Burgess. This project called for the addition of two new 5 pallet Toyoda FH500J Horizontal Machining Centers. Industry-leading high-precision performance optimized for speed, rigidity and reliability. Featuring a 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of 0.9 seconds and a rapid feedrate of 2,362 ipm (60m/min) the FH500J was the machine for the job.

After a quick installation process, Arch Global Precision was able to handle the Honeywell job and then some. “I am very happy with the results. These two machines allowed us to meet demand as a single source—we didn’t lose out on a great opportunity because we couldn’t meet the demand,” said Burgess.

The versatility and capacity of the machines allowed for Arch to machine five different part numbers on two machines running 24 hours a day. “It changed the way we were manufacturing parts previously, too,” Burgess continued. “The process was totally different. We were making a couple pieces at a time with a lot more set up, changeover and labor involved. Now you load the pallets up and push a button and they run for 16 hours before they require any attention.”

Outside of the scope of the Honeywell project, Burgess estimates that Arch brings in $2 million a year in revenue just off of the two FJ500 machines. As a $21 million company, that’s roughly a 10% increase overall.

Company background

Founded in 2011 by Strength Capital Partners, Arch Global Precision is a precision machining 

and manufacturing company, a combination of engineering expertise and technologies that serve medical, aerospace and defense, and a growing range of high-tech industrial markets. offering a synergy of resources to reduce manufacturing costs, optimize the performance of components and products, and mitigate supply chain risks. Their facilities are strategically located across the U.S. to optimize outsourced precision-machining needs.

Machine details

The FH500J and FH500J-50 are compact, high-speed horizontal machining centers featuring a 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of .9 seconds, and a rapid feedrate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min).

All FH500J models (#40 & #50) taper are equipped with a Direct Drive B Axis Table, featuring an index time (90 degrees) of 0.5 seconds and 360,000 degree positioning.

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