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Daimler Mexico Reduces Production Time by 10-15% with Toyoda Machining Centers

Jul 12, 2020


Daimler Trucks North America’s manufacturing facility in Saltillo, México was in dire need of increasing production capacity to keep with global demand. Daimler not only needed a solution that would accommodate for increased
production, but that provided enough flexibility to machine a range of part numbers including their primary focus, cast iron engine supports. Daimler found the machine for the job with Toyoda—and recognized that Toyoda’s
established infrastructure in Mexico would be an asset for support and maintenance down the road.


  • Increase capacity to keep up with demand
  • Work within the limited available floor space
  • Flexibility to produce multiple parts simultaneously
  • Streamline workflow with limited space
  • Maintain caliber of product synonymous with Daimler


Daimler met their match with the FH630SX-i—a state-of-the-art horizontal machining center made with efficient production and high-precision projects in mind. The FH630SX-I is a powerful, high-speed horizontal machining center
featuring an 8,000 RPM high-torque integral spindle with 50/40 HP and 1,009 NM torque as well as big plus modification for all series spindles. It’s equipped with a dual ballscrew drive on the Y and Z aces and boasts a Meehanite cast iron
base for improved rigidity. Adding the automated pallet pool storage system allowed for a single operator to run multiple jobs for faster changeover—and met the requirements for Daimler’s limited floor space. With this setup, Daimler was able to increase load capacity from 3,300 lbs to 4,000 lbs and six pallets, but still maintain the small footprint of the 630 format.



    The addition of the Toyoda machines reduced standard production time by 10-15%, allowing for more parts to be machined in less time.

    The pinpoint accuracy of the Toyoda machines allowed Daimler to produce superior components and elevate their overall part quality.

    Reduced operational costs and increased production capabilities allowed for Daimler to add to their bottom line.


    About Daimler Trucks

    Daimler Trucks is the largest truck and tractor truck manufacturer in North America. In Mexico, Daimler Trucks has two manufacturing plants located in Santiago Tianguistenco, State of Mexico, and in Saltillo, Coahuila; plus an International Parts Distribution Center in San Luis Potosí, an Engine and Components Remanufacturing Plant in Toluca, State of Mexico, and a Dealer Network comprised of 83 sales and service points. Daimler Trucks Mexico employs more than 8,000 people in its five locations.

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