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Industry’s Best in Grinder Power & Flexibility: Toyoda’s GC20Mi-63

Oct 21, 2016

As the largest supplier of cam and crankshaft grinders in the world, Toyoda’s GC series lineup boasts more flexibility and speed than any other machine on the market. Toyoda’s GC20Mi-63 featured during IMTS 2016 is a compact, high speed, high precision cam grinder delivering a cost competitive machining experience. With direct drive and cartridge spindle technology and being the only cam lobe grinder with NC quill workhead, rotational adjustments and profiles are completed with high-accuracy. The GC20Mi-63 is the first to perfect CBN grinding for camshafts.

One of the main features of this cam shaft grinder developed with the automotive industry in mind, is its linear motor slide to improve chasing. The concave profile cam lobe grinder with a single wheelhead unit is quick to respond due to this static pressure slide way and these linear motor drives, allowing the machine to be free from lost-motion and backlash.

A highly responsive wheelhead mechanism and servo system on Toyoda’s GC20Mi-63 promises consistent, accurate grinding, in compared with a competitive static thread feeder. Shop owners have the option of a CBN wheel to maximize grinding efficiency while operators can easily drive the process through Toyoda GC50 controls.

The JTEKT original Toyoda State Bearing as the wheel spindle sits as the heart of the machine. Equipped with this extremely rigid hybrid-type bearing structure, metal-to-metal contact is eliminated while high vibration dampening capacity and a long service life is achieved. Beyond the GC20Mi-63’s stable grinding accuracy, improved productivity is a huge draw for Toyoda customers. As the grinding removal amount per rotation of the cam by adoption of its work spindle is maintained by adoption of work spindle stepless speed control, reduction of grinding time and non-grinding time is perfected.

Learn more about Toyoda's GC20Mi-63 here.

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