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Stecker Machine Trusts Toyoda CNC for Automation Efficiency

Jul 12, 2020


Stecker Machine of Manitowoc, Wisconsin is known for their machining excellence and experience in planning, prototyping, and production. Their reputation has earned them long-standing partnerships with many customers, including 40+ years with a key OEM customer, State Machine Tool. So when State Machine Tool had a sizeable, complex new project, they knew they could trust Stecker to come through. The task at hand was to find an efficient and cost-effective way to machine vehicle transmission clutch housings. The complexity of the part presented some challenges—tight tolerances, difficult work-holdings, stringent specifications. To meet these demands, Stecker needed a range of solutions—and knew Toyoda could help.


  • Flexibility for automation 
  • Efficient and cost-competitive
  • Pinpoint accuracy for tight tolerances
  • Capacity for high-production setting


Stecker Machine and State Machine Tool worked together to develop a multi-faceted cell solution. Part of that solution? Two Toyoda FH500J Horizontal Machining Centers. With over 40 Toyoda machining centers already on their shop floor, Stecker trusted that the new Toyoda machines would be a low-risk, reliable choice that would stand up to the rigors of the job at hand. The FH-J series provides industry-leading, high-precision performance optimized for speed, rigidity and reliability. The FH500J continues to be the industry’s choice for high-speed machining in highly productive environments due to the compact footprint, 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of .9 seconds and rapid feedrate of 2,362 ipm (60m/min). Additionally, the transmission clutch housings are machined from die cast aluminum, fitting within the wheelhouse of the FH500J.


    Stecker’s internal data estimates that the cell solution downtime was <.05% downtime for the machines, robots and automation. 

    Without the addition of the new horizontal machining centers, Stecker Machine would have been pressed to produce parts—especially at the scale of this project.

     The success of the collaborative effort has led to new partnerships, new projects and increased revenues. 

    About Stecker Machine of Manitowoc

    With a track record of growth, Stecker Machine Company manufactures our future. Stecker Machine grows by serving OEM customers with leading edge production of CNC machined parts for trucks, tractors, and other equipment. Employees advance their careers with many open avenues from adding capabilities to provide new parts and services.

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